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Will the Fundy region tennis facility be open to all?

The Fundy region indoor tennis centre will be fully owned and operated by the Fundy Tennis Association (FTA), a not-for-profit organization. The year-round facility will be open to all, membership is not required, and court fees will be competitive with a “no child refused” policy ensuring children from low-income households who want to play tennis can.

Who is funding this project?

We are reaching out to the federal and provincial governments, as well as, corporations, foundations, and the general public.

What is the court surface?

There will be eight multi-layered acrylic hard surface tennis courts, making the centre the largest indoor tennis building east of Montreal. The centre will be wheelchair accessible and our flexible design accommodates four pickleball courts.

What is the cost of the project?

The eight-court facility is estimated to cost between $15 million and $20 million and take one year to build.

We are reaching out to the federal and provincial governments, as well as corporations, foundations and the general public for financial support.

How much money has been raised to date?

The Fundy Tennis Association has signed a letter of intent with the University of New Brunswick to partner on the development of an indoor tennis centre to be located on the UNBSJ campus. The Fundy region indoor tennis facility has received grants from the federal government, and some financial support from Tennis NB and in-kind services from Tennis Canada. The land lease from UNBSJ is a significant contribution that enables the FTA to go public with the project. We will launch our capital campaign when we announce our naming sponsor.

Do you have a major donor yet?

We have a partnership with UNBSJ and are supported by Tennis Canada and Tennis NB. We will announce the naming sponsor when we launch our capital campaign.

How do people get involved? How do people donate?

We will launch our fundraising campaign at the same time as we announce our naming sponsor. Until then we are asking people who are interested in having an indoor facility built in the Fundy region to visit our website and fill out our project Stay Connected form.

How many pickleball courts will there be in the centre?

This is primarily a tennis facility. Its flexible design will be able to accommodate four pickleball courts.

What is the timeline? When does construction begin?

If our fundraising goals are met construction could start in 2023 with an opening possible in 2024. (These dates are dependent on a successful FTA Capital Campaign)”

For more information and to stay up to date on the project, please fill out our Stay Connected form.