The Fundy region tennis centre will “serve” the following tennis communities: 

  • Sussex Tennis Association, 
  • Hampton,
  • Quispamsis Community Tennis Association, 
  • Rothesay Tennis Club, 
  • Saint John & District Tennis Association, 
  • Duck Cove Tennis Club (Saint John West), 
  • St Andrews Community Tennis Association, 
  • St Stephen 
  • Milltown Tennis Club


The Fundy Tennis Association is committed to building an indoor tennis facility that welcomes everyone, no matter age, gender, skill level or financial ability, so people can have fun and stay physically and mentally active year-round."

Fundy Tennis Association

“Promoting the importance of health and wellness to our community – both on and off campus – is an integral part of the vision of UNB Saint John. Tennis is proven to have significant health, social and psychological benefits. It can be played by anyone, at any age and is a great way to have fun with family and friends. This incredible indoor facility is a welcome addition to our Saint John campus. I personally, cannot wait to take my first lesson!”

– Dr. Petra Hauf, Vice-President Saint John

"The biggest challenge we have in our region is the weather. Our season is already short because of our long winters, so having to cancel organized events and programming in the summer because of rain is very discouraging. An indoor tennis centre would solve this problem and provide much needed infrastructure to transform our sport into a year-round activity for players of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. It will serve the current players in our region and will enable the continued growth of our sport. 

Let's make this happen for our current and future generations!"

Matt Morrison – Saint John Tennis

"The completion of this new indoor tennis facility will demonstrate how Saint John is open for business to developments that help build our community. In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to play tennis all year long, the Fundy Region Tennis Centre will create design and construction jobs during development and part-time and full-time positions during operation."

Dan Verner, P.Eng, MBA Saint John

"I have witnessed how tennis truly is “the sport for everyone and the sport for life!” Many parents have told me that tennis changed their child’s life for the better. My own children are proof of the positive impact of tennis. Having a year-round facility that can help kids develop self-esteem and grow confidence, while learning to play a better game of tennis is important to me as a coach, but more importantly, as a father."

Dana Brown, President Tennis NB


  1. Tennis is accessible - Anyone can play. it is easy to learn and can be played by people of all ages, abilities, and all fitness levels.
  2. Tennis is affordable - You just need a racquet and a few balls. 
  3. Tennis extends life expectancy - Playing Tennis can increase life expectancy by 10 years (Copenhagen City Heart Study).
  4. Tennis is a social game - Build life-long friendships with people who are looking to improve their health and challenge themselves while having fun.
  5. Tennis improves physical health - Playing Tennis is great for improving overall muscle tone, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.
  6. Tennis improves mental health - Playing a game reduces endorphins which can reduce stress 
  7. Tennis is safe - It is a non-contact sport with the second fewest injuries among Canada’s top ten sports
  8. Tennis lowers body fat - The calorie burn for tennis is between 400 and 600 calories per hour. 
  9. Tennis enhances the neural connections in your brain - Kids who play tennis regularly get better grades in school 
  10. It's FUN!


  1. Supply - There is only one indoor tennis facility in New Brunswick
  2. Demand - 51% of Canadians say they would play tennis more often if they had access to an indoor court.
  3. Accessibility - An indoor facility adds 6.5 months to the current New Brunswick tennis season.
  4. Reliability - No more cancelling tennis programming due to weather. Having an indoor facility offers guaranteed programming, lessons and competitive play all year long.
  5. Reduced maintenance - Indoor courts last longer because they are protected from the harmful elements that outdoor tennis courts are exposed to in our climate.
  6. Better lighting - Indoor tennis facilities offer bright LED lighting so it is easier to see the ball during play.
  7. Community builder - Tennis is a social sport. An indoor centre promotes an active and engaged community. 
  8. Economic driver - An indoor tennis facility adds to the Fundy region’s sport tourism offerings.
  9. Economic driver, part 2 - An indoor tennis facility supports local business and creates jobs.
  10. It’s FUN!


  • Tennis is one of the 10 most popular sports in Canada
  • Two in 10 Canadians say they played tennis in the last year
  • 24 per cent of parents stated safety as a reason for putting their kids into tennis
  • Canadian interest in Tennis is increasing - The success of the current crop of top-level Canadian players, including 2019 U.S. Open champion Bianca Andreescu, Felix Auger-Aliassime, Denis Shapovalov and Leylah Fernandez, has contributed to that growth significantly.
  • Tennis is 100% FUN!