The Logo Story

The Fundy Tennis Association (FTA) was created to plan, fundraise and build an indoor tennis centre for the Fundy region. We wanted a logo that told that story at a glance. 

When you think “Fundy region", what comes to mind? The Bay of Fundy! 

We thought so too which is why a wave is featured in our new logo. 

A rolling blue wave propels a tennis ball forward, linking the movement of the Fundy tides to the exciting, fast-paced activity of playing tennis.

The blue wave doubles as an abstract depiction of a tennis racket in mid- swing, connecting with the ball in its sweet spot.

The logo’s bright colours were chosen to represent the blue of the centre’s indoor courts, as well as the blue Bay of Fundy water, and the yellow recalls a tennis ball’s iconic hue. The bright, playful colours are inviting and friendly, which is what our tennis centre is all about – a welcoming place for players of all skill levels and abilities. 

In addition to paying homage to the Bay of Fundy, the wave motif recalls the waves on our provincial flag and is reminiscent of other institutional emblems in New Brunswick, including the UNB logo and the New Brunswick Museum logo. By incorporating a classic maritime theme in its logo, the Fundy Tennis Association is signalling that it is proud of its New Brunswick roots and that it is here to stay.